Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stardoll Relationships / Dating on Stardoll

Today I found myself thinking whether virtual relationships (I mean, with someone you "love for real") are a good thing or not.
We can find a lot of people on Stardoll who suposelly have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, at least they're virtual boyfriends/girlfriends. And I wonder if they're healthy or important.
I mean, isn't love about really loving someone? Loving for real? Yes. Yes, it is. Is it possible to love someone who we don't know in real life? Is is possible to love someone who we can't touch, kiss or smell?
Sure, we can have long talks with that person. Sure, we can share ideas, see each other on Skype, smile at that person. But, if we lost that person, would we cry? If that person stopped going to Stardoll or even to Skype would we lay on the bed filling our pillow with tears?
No. No, we wouldn't. I don't think so. Because we had never been with that person, we had never felt the warmth of that person, we had never felt the smell of that person.
Sure, it's good to have someone with whom we can chat, someone who we know won't judge us, someone who keeps us company whenever we're alone at home. But will that person be there forever? No, that person will not be there forever.
Love isn't virtual. Love is a real, serious thing that affects everyone at a certain point of our lifes. And having a boyfriend/girlfriend is something we never forget because it causes impact in our lifes. It's not a virtual thing. We can touch that person, laugh with him/her, hold on thight, kiss and we know that that he/she will always be there for us. At least as long as we both share the love.
What I conclude is that having a virtual voyfriend/girlfriend is fine as long as we don't take that too serious. We need to focus on real life. We can't attach to Stardoll life, we can't hide forever behind a computer screen.

Well, what do you think about all this? Do you agree with me or do you disagree? Have you ever had a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Makeover

So, that's it. I finally updated the blog with a new makeover and I did a new image for the front page. I think it's strong and it expresses very well the main idea of the blog. I sincerely hope you guys like it and join the blog, not forgetting to comment.
Also, I would like your feedback. What do you think about the new makeover? Do you like it?

PS: Expect great posts for the next days, with no censorship. I'm not afraid of writing about what I think, about being free!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stardoll Popularity = Real life?

Problem: Does Stardoll popularity equal to real life? I mean, social life? You know what I'm talking about. Friends.
You probably know that a lot of people hide behind the computer screen lots and lots of hours, missing real life. And why? Because they don't have to show themselves. They don't have to deal with other people, at least personally.
Tons of girls and boys find their haven on Stardoll. They find a world where they can have 3 fantastic things: fame, fashion and friends.
Fame? Not real fame. Fashion? Amount of pixels. Friends? Virtual friends.
I'm not trying to be mean, just realistic. They live really attached to Stardoll, forgetting that there's actually a world outside. Forgetting that there's a sunny beautiful day. Forgetting that they can go have a coffee with their friends.
But some of them are to shy in real life so they don't have many friends. But on Stardoll it's different, they can be whoever they want, reach the fame, popularity and friends they don't have in real life. Actually someone on Stardoll confessed that (a member of the "Elite", as he appeared on SMHW).
The truth is, those people seem to have really strong personalities, but some of them are just masks, if you understand what I mean.
What I advise you: if you consider yourself as one of them, just... go out. Go out and meet your friends. Don't get to attached to this virtual friendships. Remember, if you loose a real friend you'll cry. But not if you loose a virtual one.

Please notice: I don't mean to hurt or offend anyone. Everyone has their own opinion about Stardoll or virtual relationships.

Doc. Ana Beatriz/Kitty_power5

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot Buys February 2011

The new Hot Buys are even more beautiful than the others, in my opinion.

To loose no part of this wonderful collection, here are the dates when each one will release:

1- Hot Buys Dotted Jacket / Evil Panda / 1st February
2- Hot Buys Double Belt / RIO / 4th February
3- Hot Buys Vest / Fallen Angel / 8th February
4- Hot Buys Fluffy Earrings / Splendid / 10th February
5- Hot Buys Sweater / Evil Panda / 12th February
6- Hot Buys Striped Dress / Fudge / 14th February
7- Hot Buys Shoes / Stardoll Store / 17th February
8- Hot Buys Tee Top / Fudge / 20th February
9- Hot Buys Dress / Bisou / 24th February
10- Hot Buys Stardoll Bag / Pretty in Pink / 26th February

A big kiss for my dear readers.
Doc. Inês, fishinhu

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hii, people !
Finaly reached  new colection ANTIDOTE ! I found her immensely beautiful, and I still bought some parts. :DD
Hurry up .. For those unaware, this is a limited collection!

BIG kiss, dear readers (:

Doc. Inês, fishinhu

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hot Buys January 2011

Hey (: I brought for all the followers of this blog information about the new Hot Buys. I liked this new collection, although it has better collections than this .. I am a big collector of Hot Buys, so, certainly, I could not fail publishing about this new collection. Hope you like it, as me (:


1-Hot Buys Shoes / RIO / 11 de Janeiro
2- Hot Buys Star Skirt / Evil Panda / 13 de Janeiro
3- Hot Buys Feather Pants / Fallen Angel / 15 de Janeiro
4- Hot Buys Earrings / Splendid / 17 de Janeiro
5- Hot Buys Bow Sweater / Bisou / 18 de Janeiro
6- Hot Buys Top / Fudge / 21 de Janeiro
7- Hot Buys Cotton Bag / PIP / 23 de Janeiro
8- Hot Buys Dress / RIO / 25 de Janeiro
9- Hot Buys faux Fur Hat / Evil Panda / 27 de Janeiro
10- Hot Buys Stud Jacket / Fallen Angel / 29 de Janeiro

Doc. Inês / fishinhu .

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stardoll Elite - Is it real?

I wonder... Is it real? I mean, Stardoll Elite?
There seems to be a lot of people that consider themselves as "part of the Stardoll Elite". I know, I know. Stardoll is a world, but not every world has and elite. And guess what? Stardoll's a virtual world, so I don't even think that it's a good comparison.
The most famous people on Stardoll aren't even people who have a great talent, such as a nice suite, a different album, original sceneries, beautiful designs. They're members who have big and amazing blogs, who have a lot of rares, who send lots and lots of broadcasts to become covergirls (another long story I will write about someday).
And then, there are the "wannabes". They're always trying to make friendship with everyone famous and don't even bother answering the non-Superstars or even not so famous members. They're always on the tail, always on the events, etc, etc, etc.
And I wonder: is it good? Well, for famous members I must say: hell yeah! But not for the others. The truth is, it must be good being famous, but forming an elite? I think it's too futile. Those members live on their own virtual world, attached to Stardoll and not even bothering with real life, real friends, real "popularity" among your society.
Is it healthy? No, of course not. Taking part of that Elite is healthy when you know how to balance your "virtual life" with your real life. But never, NEVER forget that real life is better. if you loose a virtual friend, you won't cry for him/her. But if you loose a real friend, you will not only cry, but miss a lot.
What I'm trying to tell you with all this speech is that yes, there is an Elite on Stardoll, but you don't have to be sad or ashamed for not being part of it. First of all, take care of your real life, find real friends. "Virtual life" is just a small part of your own world.
I remember when I joined Stardoll, on 2007, nothing was like that. About 2009, it started, specially with the rares and all that stuff. Now, it is an Elite. What has Stardoll came to?
Stay tuned: I'll write a post creating an example of how someone hiding behind a computer screen can be completely different in real life. I think it will change your mind when you "fear" someone on Stardoll because he/she's too famous.

I would really apreciatte your comment on this post :)

NOTE: I don't mean to offend anyone, I didn't even have someone in mind to write this post.

Best wishes,
Doc. Ana Beatriz / kitty_power5 ♥

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas = Spending Stardollars

Hello dear readers,

Today I'm going to talk about... yes, you guessed it. Christmas. That red, enchanting word. You can almost hear the singing of the angels when you read it. But it's not like that.
That unoffensive, beautiful word makes us happy, it reminds us of gifts and presents. But is it really necessary to spend so much money/stardollars on Christmas?
The truth is, Christmas is not all about gifts. Christmas is the time of the year when you should demonstrate your love and friendship to the ones you care about (on real life and on Stardoll). But Stardoll doesn't think that way.
Stardoll's making a lot of new shops, new collections, new clothes, super-expensive hotbuys to make us spend the money. And, as we're in a good mood because it's Christmas, we are tempted to buy all those items and fantastic clothes. That's what Stardoll wants us to make.
I don't judge them, but I think you should have a critical eye behind all of this. You don't need to buy everything, or to offer expensive stuff to your friends.
So, before buying anything, make sure you really want that item, don't let yourself be seduced by Christmas. And if you want to buy gifts to your friends, buy cheap ones - you can find a lot of them in search. Or just write a simple message on your presentation or write a letter to which one of them, telling him/her why you like them so much.
Remember, Jesus Christ is the reason for celebrating Christmas, not Santa Claus. Jesus Christ is all about love, it doesn't matter if you're Christian or not. Santa Claus is all about gifts and presents.

I'm also going to give you some tips about what you can offer in real life without spending money:
-A drawing
-A story
-A letter saying good things about the person you're going to give the letter
-If you play any instrument, play it for your family/friends
-Do your own frame and put a photo of yourself there (grandparents love this one)
-Record a CD with the person's favorite songs

On Stardoll, you can make a special letter, or a special graphic with gimp/photoshop. It's free and original!

Hope you liked the suggestions. Be sure to read the post above called "The Need" by Doc. Aggy.

Merry Christmas,
Doc. Ana Beatriz/kitty_power5 ♥

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Need

Today I was surfing through the when I had to stop in one Suite. At first glance, it was quite average Suite - not too much decorated, not too much styled. What got my eye was a huge unimaginable amount of stuff. To be more specific, bags. Cluches, hobos, bags, purses, satchels... They were layed in one room without ANY order. Like a strange wallpaper and flooring at the same time.

I know that people who are the users of this site tend to be crazy collectors. This wasn't the first time I ran into somebody who has a wide range of collectables. What's quite unusual for a collector, the person who was mentioned earlier in this post didn't seem to pay a lot of attention to the "pixelly treasures" - the bags were just dropped chaoticly. Moreover, it seemed like they were bought chaoticly too, whichs lets me suspect the desperate call of the buyer to own, to have, even it those things are not stylish, even if they are odd-looking.

It would be the right time and place to browse the image of this room, but I decided not to do that. I think that problems should be dealt with privatelly. Though it's quite a pitty - it would be a good lesson for you, the readers, what is the typical "quantity over quality" situation.

Some of those who are crazy about having virtual things never ask themselves why.

Why is this so important to own all of the bags/other sort of stuff? Why is this neon green coloured bag worth the money if it's really....hmm...ugly? Why? If it's not even what's really needed!

I guess, the answer would be like that. The tendency to deal with quite a wide range of personal or even personality problems by convincing yourself that the owning/having/buying is the glorious panacea.

For example, most of the players of stardoll can't afford buying designer clothes and accesories in real life, maybe they can't even afford buying clothes every two weeks. While in stardoll they are given a power of limitless spending every minute. Buy what you want, buy as much as you want, brag about your purchases - isn't that the essence of stardoll?

But seriously... Neon green bag?!

Doc. Philosophy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello everyone!
There is a new style on Stardoll - Crushed Velvet.
As you can see, it's all about velvet.
The colors are red, brown, dark orange...

Do you like it? Will you be buying any?